November Newsletter


Well, it has been a while since you’ve received an update, but the last few months have been exciting and fruitful as we move towards finishing the film. We are in the post-production phase, working with our talented editor, Emily Paine. She has been diligently cutting away, making beautiful sequences of each of the characters. We are thrilled to have her on board!

I have also been on a couple of last shoots: John Gorzynski’s apple harvest upstate, a workshop that Florida Organic Growers conducted for conventional growers considering transitioning to organic, and the NODPA Field Days and Listening Session with the USDA on the newly-published, long-awaited “Access to Pasture Proposed Rule Change.” We are excited that this new development is finally happening!

We have also recently had various press opportunities. I was interviewed on KSVY Sonoma 91.3 and was asked an array of questions, including what inspired me to make WHAT’S ORGANIC ABOUT “ORGANIC?” and who our audience would be. We’ll be adding a link to the program on our website as soon as it’s ready!

In addition, we had a visit from Ting Fan from an NGO called the Tzu-chi Foundation (in Chinese, “tzu” means charity and “chi” means compassion). It was quite a new experience being the interview subject, but her questions and interest made me realize that our film is not just for American audiences—it has the potential to reach and inspire audiences worldwide!

Find more information on the Tzu-Chi Foundation here:

Also, check out our new photo gallery on the website! We’ve got some nice production stills fresh from the farm!

While we are in the final stages of completing the film, we must continue to raise funds throughout the coming months for the finishing touches. Please help us do so by continuing to spread the word about our film, and referring your friends and colleagues to our website for donations.

We are truly grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm for the film. Stay bundled—one of the farmers in FL told us it’s going to be a cold winter (he’s noticed more acorns on the ground this year!)…



“What’s Organic About ‘Organic’?”

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