NYC Premiere + National Screen & Green LAUNCH!

The time is HERE!  It has been sometime in coming but it’s time to take What’s “Organic” About Organic? out of the field and spread it’s across the nation.

WOAO? will be kicking off its national Screen & Green tour with a week-long premiere at HERE in the Dorothy B. Williams Theater in New York City from June 21st-27th. As some of you may know, this is Shelley’s filmmaking debut with a documentary that she believes is a call to action for a public that is increasingly concerned about their food choices.

After each screening we are going to hold post panel discussions with some exceptionally stellar individuals such as Joan Gussow, Jacquie Berger from Just Food, Annie Novak founder of Growing Chefs, and characters from the film!  We’ll also have an opening night Summer Solstice Celebration on the 21st and fundraising party for NOFA-NY on the 25th. We’d love to see you, our food friends in attendance.

Click here to purchase tickets for a screening and the NOFA-NY party or here for more information on the panels.

Plus, we’ve been keeping busy these past months and one of our projects has been revamping the website.  You can now check our all our new PRESS, host a screening for our national Screen & Green Campaign, plus, institutions can now purchase the Educational version of the DVD and anyone can buy a poster on our Store!

And you can join our new Facebook Group  : )

We appreciate your support and interest in our film!