Well, we’ve been nested away in the edit room all winter and just as the new shoots of spring are making their first appearance, so are we…  Indeed, we have started submitting the film to festivals and are pleased to make a few announcements:

  • You can view our TRAILER on our website!

We’re so pleased to hear about the organic gardens both at the White House and at USDA!  We’re hopeful it will inspire many a home garden and many good farm and food policies : )

Do you need some seeds for your home garden?  Well, we’ve got some new booty to offer our donors!

  • Any donation over $10-we’ll send you a packet of basil seeds for your herb garden!

Look for more updates on our website coming soon…  Hopefully, as spring comes into full bloom, so will the film!  As always, we appreciate your support and interest.

Now, after you visit our links, get your hands in some good warm soil and start planting something!