Seedling Inspiration

In case you’ve gotten behind in your spring planting (like me) and need further inspiration beyond the chirping birds and warm sun on your skin, here are some nice photos of a great & cheap way to start your seedlings indoors (courtesy of our industrious collaborator in New Jersey, Brandon Rosser):

All you need is a toothpick, some soil, seeds, and some old egg shell halves. Start by poking a hole in the bottom of the egg shell for drainage.

Then you fill it with soil, place your seed at the appropriate depth, water, place in a window, and watch it grow!

When the seedlings are large enough to transplant outside, you can crush the egg shell a bit, then gently place it in its home in the earth…the egg shell will provide some nice nutrients as the seedlings get bigger! Then, enjoy the bounty that’s will ensue!

(small disclaimer: it may be too late to start some seedlings depending on where you live…check the back of your seed packets to make sure you’ve still got time!)

Plus, if any of you are in need of post-production accounting/supervision services, or just want to check out some cool guys–look at Brandon and Chris’s business: They’ve been a great help to our production!