Become A Food Citizen

The film’s goal is to be media independent and collaborate with our audience, because we know that a strong democracy is dependent upon the dialogue of wide and varied voices.  We believe in the power of citizen journalism and sharing stories.

Thus, we call upon you—our audience—to take the next steps after seeing the film to become a Food Citizen, engage in the organic movement, and support organic farmers.

Food is nourishment for our bodies and minds. The relationship we have with food is one that deserves our attention. It is our responsibility as FOOD CITIZENS to start thinking about the broader implications of our food choices, acknowledging and embracing our responsibility to society.

Here are some ideas on how to get started:

  • Increase Your Awareness of the externalization of costs in conventional food production
    • Pollution of air & groundwater; consumption of fuel, loss of topsoil & soil health; health risks associated with exposure to toxins for farm workers & citizens—chemical & pesticide “safe” levels are determined for adults not children; detriment to biodiversity—GMOs;
    • There are many resources out there—two of my favorite websites are: &
  • Make a commitment to support or volunteer for organizations that advocate for organic farmers.  The Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY (NOFA-NY) won my heart with their Farmer’s Pledge:
  • Grow Your Own organic food
  • Find a Farmer
  • Join a CSA—Community Supported Agriculture
    • Like a subscription, you make an investment at the beginning of the season, then get to eat fresh, local, seasonal veggies all summer!  Go to to find one in your neighborhood.
  • Compost your food scraps—we generate an incredible amount of waste that can be recycled into productive, nutrient-dense soil!  Plus, it’s empowering to convert your trash into a treasure!
    • You can start a worm bin at home or drop off scraps to a garden or greenmarket location—find vermicomposting resources & map of drop-off locations at:
  • Eat organic/local/sustainably-produced food—ask for organic food at restaurants & places you shop! Find an organic foods restaurant near you at:
    • In 2006, 38% of organic food sales were from grocery store; studies have shown that if 12 people make a request for a certain product, managers will usually accommodate.
    • Get a group of neighbors together & ask for organic/local/sustainably-produced products at your grocery stores!
  • Join a community garden
  • Talk to your child’s school about local school food initiatives, school gardens & get involved!
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