Tours, Smørres and Holiday DVDs

Director/Producer, Shelley Rogers, will be joining Character/Co-Producer Marty Mesh for a Screen & Green week-long tour of South Florida this Monday! We’d love to meet you, all your friends and family to spread the roots of organic agriculture. For listing of screenings, please click here.

Also, for you New Yorkers–this Sunday Nov. 14, the WOAO crew will be collaborating on the Rye Bread Project on Smørrebrod Table & Beer Garden 2010 at New Amsterdam Market! The Consulate General of Denmark and New Amsterdam Market invite you to a festival of Smørrebrød from 11am to 4pm.

The WOAO crew is excited to collaborate & film this public event celebrating cultural exchange, local organic grain, and the melting pot that is the food culture of NYC! Over 10 varieties of smørrebrød will be lined up ready for you to enjoy. These Danish open faced sandwiches will be created by visiting Danish chef Trina Hahnemann and local chefs Alejandro Alcocer of greenbrownorange; Patrick Connolly of Bobo; Caroline Fidanza of Saltie; Christophe Hille of Northern Spy Food Co.; Simo and Tuomas Kuusisto of Nordic Breads; and the team from Marlow & Daughters. Nordic Breads will be baking all the rugbrød (Danish rye bread) using regional organic grain grown and milled by Cayuga Pure Organics of Trumansburg, NY.

Tickets are $20 and allows you to choose three different sandwiches. One regional beer sourced by Jimmy Carbone is included in the ticket price to wash done these hearty open faced Danish sandwiches. purchase tickets now! For more information on The Smørrebrød Table and it’s launching of the Rye Bread Project click here.

Yes, it’s what you’ve been waiting for – a gift that’ll not only stuff your stockings, but will also feed your mind. For a limited time, we will be selling Home Use DVDs of WOAO from Nov. 26th till Dec. 31st 2010 (from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve) ! If you know someone who is organically-curious, organically-challenged, on the organic brigade, or a docu connoisseur, then this is the perfect gift. Get ’em while they’re hot & available (we’ll send out a brief reminder closer to the date)!

-WOAO team

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