Welcome our NY Premiere Co-Hosts

A team of agriculturalists and educators Growing Chefs has been working to spread the word about organic farming and what YOU can do to help out.

Working from the ground up, Brooklyn Food Coalition is a grassroots organization with a mission to achieve a sustainable food system that is both healthy, and affordable.

A nonprofit network of chefs, Chefs Collaborative works through advocacy and education to help inspire action in local communities to support sustainable food supply.

For 40 years, GrowNYC, this non-profit organization has been working with New York City residents to help secure a healthy environment for future generations by creating green spaces and community gardens and have worked to provide access to healthy fresh food for New Yorkers.

Since 1995, Just Food has been working to build stronger ties between local farms and neighborhoods in New York City that are under-served by large food retailers. Instead, they believe in creating “Islands of sustainability” where food is more accessible, and its production more regulated.

Food Systems Network NYC is a membership organization working to promote food systems that support affordable and improved nutrition.

Founded in 1983, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, NOFA-NY, has worked together with consumers and farmers to create ecologically and environmentally sound sustainable food systems.

Based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Added Value is a non-profit organization promoting the sustainable development of the area by working to create more opportunities for the future generations. They work in  revitalizing parks and improving food access to the community.

Located in the heart of the East Village, this bar and restaurant is owned by Jimmy Carbone. Jimmy, founder of the Good Beer Seal Bars, is steadfast in his support of local farmers and collaborates on many different food projects, including Hungry New York, Hungry Filmmakers.

Founded in 1987, the Lower East Side Ecology Center helped kickstart community-based recycling in New York City. Today, they continue to spread environmental education to local communities.

Heritage Foods USA was formed in 2001 as the sales and marketing arm for Slow Food USA. It exists to promote genetic diversity, small family farms and aims to foster a tie between sustainable land use, small-scale food production and the preservation of past and future food generations.

Florida Organic Growers supports and promotes organic and sustainable agriculture, wherein; we educate consumers, farmers, future farmers (children & youth), businesses, policy makers and the general public.

From the vineyard floor to bottle, Shinn Estate Vineyards‘ wines are the result of the diverse ecosystem created at the estate, coupled with meticulous wine making and gentle aging in the cellar. Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon the vineyard is open for walking tours and sampling of these exquisitely, hand harvested wines.

A non-profit organization,  NYC Community Garden started in 1998 with a mission to promote, preserve, and empower community gardens around the area.

As an interdisciplinary society of specialists, The Green Rabbits apply their skills and knowledge when a timely relevant opportunity is recognized. “We would like to raise a toast to social entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture for their inspiration as concepts and their usefulness to shift practices so that we might all live in a more convivial and sustainable world.

30 miles north of midtown Manhattan, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a farm, a kitchen, a classroom–an exhibit, a laboratory, a campus. The mission of this unique, nonprofit, member-driven collaboration is to celebrate, teach and advance community-based food production and enjoyment, from farm to classroom to table.

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Winners Announced

The results are in! We are excited and humbled to say that the Going Green Film Festival announced W’O’AO? as the winner of the  Our Planet Award! Congratulations to all the winners,  all the filmmakers, and the Going Green Film Fest for creating a platform in which our voices  can be heard.  REthink, REplenish, REcommit!

To read more about the festival and other winners or to obtain information about submitting your own ‘ Eco’ Film visit