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WHAT’S ‘ORGANIC’ ABOUT ORGANIC?’s Screen & Green Campaign is an experiment in DIT (Do It Together) distribution. Food & media’s production, consumption, and distribution affects our society and culture in important and elemental ways every single day. Social engagement in both of these sectors of our lives is essential for democracy and independence to thrive.  Let us explain:

We have taken our lessons from our subject:  the organic food movement.  As a grassroots effort of multiple stakeholders over the past several decades, they have provided a stalwart example of what’s possible when citizens work together to engage both government & industry in creatively solving problems.*
Our goal is to be media independent and collaborate with our audience, because we know that a strong democracy is dependent upon the dialogue of wide and varied voices.  We believe in the power of citizen journalism and sharing stories.

Thus, we call upon you—our audience—to take the next steps after seeing the film to become a Food Citizen, engage in the organic movement, and support organic farmers.


Lisa Amadeo is an event producer and documentary storyteller with a great appreciation for good food–where it comes from and its power to bring people together.  While studying Media & Film at the New School, she worked as a video producer, media consultant and grant writer. After completing her Masters degree, Lisa has pursued her combined passions for food, film and sustainability in various ways. Previously, Lisa worked to distribute  FRESH, a documentary about sustainable food systems and with Food Karma Projects to design and produce sustainable food events, including  “Meatopia” and “Pig Island,”  helping to bring top New York chefs and food purveyors together with local farmers.

Lisa recently joined the WOAO Team as Director of Distribution & Outreach and is thrilled to spread the word about such an important film that sheds light on the complex, federally regulated system of organic food production. Lisa enjoys cooking, yoga, biking around Brooklyn, and thinking of ways to make everyday stories come to life.

Georg Pedersen is a graphic artist and visual communicator living in Brooklyn, NY. He is responsible for the visual identity of the film, as well as the animation featured throughout. Additionally he is the web developer and webmaster of the WOAO website, and is currently building a more versatile web platform in Drupal to handle the growing needs of the film. On the promotional front he has designed the logos for the Screen & Green and Seed Project campaigns.

Georg has also worked with a variety of other progressive clients, including Digital Democracy, Eyebeam, the Global Justice Center, Bridgespan, Families for Depression Awareness, the Global Tiger Initiative, Amgot Mitchell, and Third Sector New England.

He is part of a Brooklyn-based supper club, enjoys riding his bike, drinking tea, and fantasy baseball.

Ursula Carrasco believes that limitation produces creation as well as fuels the determination to achieve one’s goal. Geared towards discovering what, why and how to make things work she was drawn to theatre. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Scene Design and Technical Theatre from Florida Atlantic University and her Masters Degree in Film and Television Production at the University of Bristol. There she delved into the many different facets within a production from producing, screenwriting, props, lighting, design–you name it and she most likely has had her hand in it.  Currently she freelances providing Tech Assistance for events, shooting, editing, constructing databases, etc. Ursula is always ready to take on a new challenge either in documentary or narrative filmmaking and life in general.  Whenever she faces a hurdle, she continually asks the question, “why not?”

Claire Hartten is a sitopian designer and facilitator of integrative design processes through which specialists from many disciplines and professions develop more humanizing methods as a way to support the evolution of sustainable food and agriculture, green building, and a healthy happy society. She is the co-founder of The Dirt Cafe Project, The Green Rabbits and Hungry New York.  She works with the WOAO team to help create meaningful methods to use the film as a tool for discussion, to develop thoughtful ways to engage the audience and to cook delicious meals that bring people’s best selves to the table.

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