Screen & Green Toolkit

We’re so excited you’ve decided to host a Screen & Green event of WOAO? We want your event to be a successful and meaningful experience for you & your community, so we’ve compiled this toolkit to help guide and make suggestions about what works well from our experience.


We’d love to hear from you, too, so if you have ideas, please contact us at:

Host Partners:

We have made many friends simply by reaching out & collaborating.  Now’s the time to expand your network!

  • You may want to partner with local organizations and/or companies* who will help promote the event to their members/customers—you could even invite them to be a co-host & include their logo on the flyer.  See our sample host invitation here.

*Check out our Outreach Partners page to get in touch with non-profits who can share their literature & companies who can provide samples of/coupons for organic products with your audience.


This is an opportunity to bring folks together and foment the food revolution.

  • Think strategically about who you’d like to attend.*  Of course, you should invite friends, family, co-workers, local storeowners, restaurateurs/chefs, teachers, students…  The list could go on and on!  But we like the idea of inviting Keynote Listeners—folks in your community who are change-makers or widely influential.

Ticketing/Volunteer Details:

Some say the devil’s in the details, but we don’t think so; it’s just part of the fun!

  • Think about how you will handle ticketing and how much you will charge.  We encourage ticket sales!
  • If your event is a formal fundraiser and you’ll accept donations above & beyond a regular ticket fee, please contact us at  Fundraisers require special permission.
  • Think about how many volunteers you will need and ask them to sign up in advance to help with your event.


Where’s the “Green” in Your Screen & Green?:

We made WOAO? as a tool to spark discussion.*  We hope you will use the film as a platform to develop your community’s awareness of agricultural & environmental issues.

  • Brainstorm what will most engage your audience.  What do folks in your community need to know about/do?  What green programs/activities already exist that need further promotion?

*You can contact us, if you need help with strategic brainstorming!

Invite the Director:

Shelley loves to connect with the audience, share stories about how the film was made and suggest how folks can engage further in the organic movement.

  • If the director attends your event, she would be happy to give a talk about food citizenship or participate in a volunteer activity to help rally the troops.  Just send us an email to, if you’d like to invite Shelley to attend!


Spreading the word is like spreading love; the more you give, the more you get.

  • Once the event has been planned, start promoting it.*  Of course, you have our customizable flyer, but you can also reach out to your local newspapers, bloggers & radio stations to submit an event listing (see sample listing here).  Create an event on Facebook & promote via Twitter.  Please use the “#woao” hashtag.  Be sure to keep in touch with us & we’ll promote it too! <Connect with us on Twitter & Facebook!>

*Plus, check out our suggested Event Timeline.


We’ve learned this the hard way.  Do yourself a favor & don’t skip this step.

  • Be certain to do video & audio check* several hours before guests arrive.

*Take a gander at our suggested Technical Checklist, especially if you’re screening in a non-traditional venue!  Plus, there’s info if you’d like to do a Live Webcast of your event!.

Food & Conviviality:

The last night of our NYC Premiere, we shared a watermelon from Bellevue Gardens Organic Farm (yes—the one featured in the film!) with the audience.  It was the best moment of the entire week; the discussion table became the eating table and the barriers between the stage & the audience were broken.  The experts & audience alike were slurping up the organic deliciousness and were sharing their stories.

  • We suggest offering some form of organic food to share after panel. Who’s a local farmer or artisan you could support?  What’s in season?  It could be as simple as a loaf of organic bread with jam or pickles…

Sharing is Caring:

Be proud that you’re continuing the national discussion to advance organic agriculture!

  • Once your event has wrapped, please share the story of your WOAO? Screen & Green Event on Facebook and send us your photos to be archived on our website!

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