How It Works

Ah yes, the licensing fee.

We have been lucky enough to have many wonderful people who dedicated their time and talent to put this film together and are graciously awaiting payment—our “deferred champions,” we call them. The Licensing fee will help us pay these talented folks back, as well as keep our little Outreach Operation going.

We are an independent, grassroots production.  So, unlike Hollywood studios who finance films and huge advertising budgets, the license fee is the one solid way we can try to recuperate our costs and keep this little bean sprout of a movement up and sprouting, plus it’d be nice to be nice to feed the director from time to time.

When you fill out the screening license and pay the appropriate fee you are purchasing the rights to screen the movie in accordance to the license you choose for your specific event.

For those hard-working individuals out there and grassroots organizers we feel your strive, drive & appreciate all your support!

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