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Dear Editor,

I would like to submit an event listing for X paper.  X, Y, & Z organizations/individuals are collaborating to host a screening of the new documentary What’s Organic About Organic?

The film dives into the challenges that arise when a grassroots agricultural movement evolves into a booming international market. Through the stories of farmers who steward land from Harlem to the foothills of the Rockies, from upstate New York to Florida, What’s Organic About Organic? reveals what’s at stake in creating and maintaining meaningful standards for organic production to protect citizen interests, the environment, and the livelihoods of family farmers.

As more organic products land on supermarket shelves, consumers are left to question what it really means to be ‘organic.’  “What’s Organic About Organic? takes the discussion beyond eco-label shopping,” said Rogers.  “This film will show audiences that the decisions they make in the grocery store and the policies set by our governments should not be just about personal preference, but they should embody a means of supporting an agricultural system that produces safer food, develops market opportunities for regional food systems, and safeguards our environment for future generations.”

“We all can be part of the answer to the world’s problems,” said Florida Organic Growers Executive Director and co-producer of the film Marty Mesh. “We want to see this film be a piece of that solution by helping people understand that the choices they make are important.”

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