Suggested Event Timeline

The time needed for planning/promotion can vary depending on the venue of your screening.  Traditional venues like theaters need longer lead times for booking (3-4 months usually), but more creative spots don’t require nearly as much advance notice.

After you have the screening date & venue secured for your event and your key collaborators/co-hosts identified, check out this timeline to make sure you’ve gotten all the key pieces in place and be sure to check out the Technical Checklist.

3 – Weeks before your event: “Getting the word out”

Download our Customizable Flyer and add in the specifics for your event.

Embed the completed image in an email and send to co-hosts to share with their lists.

Print the necessary number of flyers to post in your community.

Submit your event listing to local media: newspapers, blogs, radio stations.

Create a Facebook Event & invite friends. Also Tweet about the event and add link to details, plus add the “#woao?” hashtag.

2 – Weeks before your event: “Reaching Out”

Sign up volunteers to help with your event.

Contact our Outreach Partners to request their resources:  literature, coupons, and/or product samples.  Be sure to give them your mailing address!

If procuring food, set your menu and reach out to local organic farmers for ingredients.

1 – Week before your event: “Confirming Reminders”

Confirm delivery of Outreach Partner materials.

Send a reminder to volunteers and confirm they can still commit.

If serving food, procure ingredients.

Send out a reminder Tweet

WEEK OF your event: “BLAST OFF!”

If serving food, make necessary preparations.

Print email sign-up sheets to have at the event.

Confirm with volunteers.

Get ready to have fun!

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