Grab a tasty treat & take a hay ride with WOAO?!

Come eat some Baked Goods in Brooklyn this Saturday, Sept. 12th! Greenpoint Food Market launches this Saturday and Shelley will be there with her oh so yum treats! She’ll be participating with Sweet Tooth of the Tiger Artist Residency raising funds for the film. Come check us out at the Church of Messiah (129 Russell Street between Nassau & Driggs Ave.) while entertaining your eyes with artwork, soothing your ears with music, and filling the tum with some yum! It’s going to be a great one. More info at

We’re heading out to Colorado! We are happy to announce that Shelley has been invited to participate as a keynote speaker for Grant Farms 2nd annual HARVESTIVAL – Oct. 10th and 11th. in Wellington, Colorado. The festival will include educational workshops, cooking classes, Harvestival games, hay rides, live music and so much more. The David Grisman Quintet is the headliner! Check it out at and hope to see you there!

As we move forward on completion of the film (we’re nearly there!), we could use your support now more than ever—send us an email to get on our advanced purchase DVD list or make a tax-deductible donation over $10 and we’ll send you some basil seeds (you can still grow indoors next to a window & continue the delights of summer as the days draw ever shorter)! Just go to:

WOAO?! Team