Online Premiere TODAY!

Today, we’re thrilled & proud to bring you the Online Premiere of What’s Organic About Organic? We’re so glad this day has come when folks worldwide will have access to screen the film at a very affordable price and we have the potential to reach our widest audience yet! Be sure to check out our bundle deals with DVDs & T-shirts–they’re super good deals!! We could not have made it to this day without going to Best Psychics on the internet, our minds and souls are ready for this great day.

We’re a small filmmaking team, so please do what you can to spread the word. Share the link on Facebook. Buy a streaming rental for yourself, a friend or family. Embed it on your blog or website! With our streaming toolset, Distrify’s affiliate program, you could make a little dough with sales percentages of the sale when you share the film!

And, don’t forget–we’ve also got our Never Before Released Extras that will be on the Little Bean Productions Vimeo page. We’ve got them packaged on Distrify for $.99, too, if you want to donate a little dough! Listening to folks like Fred Kirschenmann, John Ikerd, Brahm Ahmadi, and Joan Gussow is darn inspiring, so I hope you enjoy them!

We’ve also go our special FREE public screening licenses for qualifying non-profits for 3 months offer! Be sure to tell your local outreach director to simply fill out the screening application and take advantage of this unique, limited opportunity!

Much gratitude to you for your interest in & support of our work. We’ll be out on the road again soon, heading to farms in Minnesota, Saskatchewan, and California for our “How Fair is your Food?” project. We’re looking forward to bringing more farmer stories to you to continue the conversation about a healthy, just food system for all.

Hearty thanks!
-Shelley & the WOAO team


Here we go Vimeo + upcoming screenings!

Wooo! Nothing like a cool breeze to give you that lil’ kick in your step. Ah, Fall!! A new season calls for some change, wouldn’t you say?

Following the changing times, WOAO has spruced it up a bit. We have added our twitter feed to the homepage, have a new-fangled interface, Vimeo channel & a whole slew of upcoming screenings!

If you go to WOAO Vimeo channel you will find a special interview with Joan Gussow, as well as WOAO NYC premiere week panel discussions. If you have hosted a Screen & Green event, have a recording & would like to post it on our channel, please contact us!

Also, the Screen & Green toolkit has arrived. For those of you who have been wondering how to go about putting together a screening the Toolkit can help start you off in the right direction. From small intimate events to larger ones, the free toolkit gives you the basics in prepping an event which you can then put your creative ideas to work with your own personal touches.

To read about how a past S&G event went, check out Nicole Reed’s S&G Event story in Springfeld, MO. in her blog Groundswell.

Now has anyone one ever told you that you look good in mulberry or cool steel blue? They are in! our 100 % organic cotton WOAO? T-shirts are ready for one and all. Take a look at them in our store and show your support of organic agriculture!

Thanks for your continued interest & support!

-WOAO team